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What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover in Florida - FAQ

A deep look at what is covered and not covered by motorcycle insurance in Florida:

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Drops?

Yes, depending on your coverage, motorcycle insurance covers drops if the insured has collision insurance. A motorcycle drop is covered as a roadbed collision in Florida. The cost of repairing a dropped bike is usually not high since most damages that might be incurred are cosmetic issues. Examples of cosmetic issues are a scratched crankcase, bent handlebar, broken/bent mirrors, dented tank, bent foot pegs, scratched/broken fairings, and a scratched exhaust pipe. If your bike drops, closely examine it and check for signs of wear and tear. Also, thoroughly inspect the engine case for signs of damage. It is advisable to thoroughly check your bike before riding it away from the accident scene and if any damages are incurred, contact your insurer. However, suppose the repair cost is not much and can be covered by your deductible or is a little bit above your deductible, and you can conveniently pay for it out of pocket. In that case, you may not need to file a claim.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Helmet?

In Florida, residents must wear helmets until they are 21 years old. If a motorcycle insurance policyholder’s helmet is damaged or stolen, their policy will cover it. Typically motorcycle insurance only offers minimal standard coverage for helmets and gear, and in some cases, helmet coverage is optional but can be added on for an additional fee. Speak to your Florida-licensed insurance agent to get all the information you need on whether your policy covers helmets.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical?

Yes, motorcycle insurance covers medical payments. The typical minimum coverage limit for medical payments in Florida is $10,000. So, in the event of a crash where bodily injuries are sustained, the insured’s insurance will cover any medical bills incurred within the policy’s limits.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Passengers?

Standard motorcycle insurance policies in Florida do not cover passengers involved in a crash with an insured bike. The medical payments coverage of a bike only covers the insured, but an individual can purchase guest passenger liability coverage, which covers the other riders the insured has with them. Discuss with your Florida-licensed insurance agent to get additional coverage for guest passenger liability.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Rental Bikes?

No. Motorcycle personal insurance policies typically do not cover rental bikes, although some insurance companies in Florida may offer such coverage. Therefore it is advisable to go through your policy document to determine whether rental bikes are covered or, better still, contact the Florida-licensed insurance agent through whom you obtained the policy to know whether it covers rental bikes. You can purchase supplemental liability insurance if your motorcycle policy does not cover rental bikes. This policy can cover you if you’re involved in an accident that causes damage to another bike or injuries to others when using a rental bike. You can also purchase personal accident & personal property coverage and Motorcycle Towing Services (roadside assistance coverage) for maximum protection.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

No. Motorcycle insurance does not cover rental cars. You will need a standard car insurance policy that includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages to get coverage for a rental car.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes. Motorcycle insurance covers theft if the policy includes comprehensive coverage. Based on a report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), there was a 30 percent surge in motorcycle thefts in the United States, with Florida being among the top three states with the highest motorcycle theft rates. Hence, the need for comprehensive theft protection under motorcycle insurance increased significantly.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Towing?

Yes. Motorcycle insurance covers towing if you have motorcycle towing insurance coverage. A standard motorcycle policy does not cover towing, but you can purchase motorcycle towing insurance as an add-on. So if your bike is inoperable and you need to move it, your motorcycle roadside assistance service will cover the towing up to a specified distance as recorded in your policy document. Contact your Florida-licensed insurance agent to verify whether your policy provides this coverage. You can purchase it as additional coverage through your agent if it does not.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Track Days?

Regular motorcycle insurance typically does not cover track days and racing. You must purchase track day insurance as additional coverage if you want to ride your bike during track days. Before participating in track day events, confirm whether you have track day insurance from your Florida-licensed insurance agent. You can also check your policy documents for track day exclusions. Some insurance companies may provide coverage if the insured bike is ridden in an educational setting with an instructor or if the track day event does not require speed or a restricted finish time.

If you rent a bike for a track day, find out whether the bike has coverage for track days. If it does, the insurance will cover the bike in the event of a crash. So if a crash occurs, document details of the crash, including how it happened and damage incurred. This information and photos and damage estimates from a repair shop should be submitted to the insurer, who will assess the incurred damage.

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