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How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

The cost of motorcycle insurance is determined by many factors like location, motorcycle type, rider’s age and gender, bike’s annual mileage, etc. These factors can help answer the question, “is insurance for a motorcycle expensive in Florida.” For instance, insuring a supersport bike is more expensive than insuring a regular bike. Generally, the cost of a 50/100/25 liability-only year round coverage in Florida is between $50 and $300, while a full coverage policy with comprehensive and collision insurance can easily cost between $100 and $200 per month.

How Much is Full Coverage Insurance on a Motorcycle in Florida?

The cost of full motorcycle insurance coverage in Florida varies across cities, but the state average is $900. Generally, the average cost of full coverage in the top 10 biggest cities in Florida is as follows:

City Average annual cost
Cape Coral $600 -$860
Fort Lauderdale $800 - $1,100
Hialeah $1200 - $1,530
Jacksonville $700 - $1050
Miami $1,150- $1,530
Orlando $650 - $890
Port St. Lucie $500 - $710
St. Petersburg $550- $790
Tallahassee $580 - $790
Tampa $800 - $950

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance on Average?

The average motorcycle insurance cost in Florida is $900 for full coverage, but for liability-only insurance in Florida, the average cost is $140 yearly. Listed below are the average prices for insurance per the common motorcycle types in Florida:

Motorcycle type Average annual cost for full coverage
Standard Bike (under 500cc) $350 - $700
Sportbike (600cc) $1,300 - $3,200
Sportbike (under 500cc) $500 - $1,200
Touring bikes (over 1,500c) $850 - $1600
Cruiser (under 500CC) $100 - $700
Cruiser (over 500c) $700 - $1,400
Sportbike 1,000cc $1,800 - $4,200
Three-wheel bike $1,200 - $2,200

Is Motorcycle insurance monthly or yearly?

The payment plan for motorcycle insurance is most times determined by the rider looking to purchase insurance for your bike. It could either be monthly or yearly, depending on the rider’s agreement with their insurer. However, yearly payments are done upfront and usually attract some discounts, which is great news to policyholders.

How Can I Lower the Cost of My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Generally, the cost of your motorcycle insurance will depend on factors that have to do with you (the rider), the type of bike you purchase, your location, where you get insurance from, and the coverage limits you want. However, you can lower the cost of your insurance in Florida by sourcing for discounts. In some cases, discounts are not automatically made available to you, but here are some steps that can help you become eligible for motorcycle insurance discounts:

  • Multiple policy discount: Bundling your policy with other policies from the same insurance company can make you eligible for up to a 10% discount. For instance, you can bundle your motorcycle insurance with your residential insurance to qualify for a multi-policy discount. Also, if you have more than one motorcycle and you purchase insurance for them from the same insurer, you will be eligible for a discount.

  • Safe rider motorcycle insurance discounts: Maintaining a clean driving and accident-free record can make you eligible for up to a 10% discount.

  • FLHSMV-recognized safe rider course: Taking courses like the Florida Basic Bike Bonding RiderCourse® (BBBRC), Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse® (UBBRC), or any other riders safety courses offered by the FLHSMV may make you eligible for discounts.

  • Upfront payment discount: Generally, when you pay premiums upfront, you can get up to a 10% discount or more, which is why insurance companies encourage upfront payments.

  • Transfer/Renewal discount: You may become eligible for a 10% discount when you have been loyal to one insurer over a period of time by continuously renewing your policy.

  • Referral program discount: Some insurers run referral programs that encourage their clients to refer people to them and then reward the referrers with loyalty discounts for each person (or group of persons) who purchases a policy.

  • Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance discount: This brand-specific insurance company offers various discounts for different reasons. For instance, persons who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles are eligible for discounts from the insurance company. The company also provides discounts for riders who take their H-D Riding Academy new rider course. Likewise, riders who are members of the Harley Owners Group (HOG.) are eligible for discounts. In addition, Harley-Davidson offers military discounts, and discounts for a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license, paying premiums promptly, owning multiple bikes, and using anti-theft devices.

  • Rider Club Member discounts: Motorcycle rider groups and clubs frequently receive discounts from the affiliated insurers.

  • Theft-recovery device: If you install an anti-theft device on your bike, it may make you eligible for motorcycle discounts since you are mitigating your bike’s theft risk.

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Where to Find Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

The best way to find affordable motorcycle insurance in Florida is by comparing policies with the help of an independent Florida-licensed insurance agent. Your agent can help you assess your needs based on your location (zip code), motorcycle type, and other related factors and get you multiple insurance quotes tailored to your needs. This enables you to pick the most suitable motorcycle insurance quote with the best price without sacrificing price for quality.

How Do I Get the Best Motorcycle Quotes?

You can get the best quotes by contacting an independent Florida-licensed insurance agent who can help you get multiple quotes tailored to your needs. You can also get the best motorcycle insurance quote through bundling, which can be done by your current insurer. In addition, some third-party websites offer free motorcycle insurance quotes online, but you will need to provide some details, including your zip code and motorcycle type. Still, it is important to seek the help of a Florida-licensed insurance agent before going ahead with a free motorcycle insurance quote obtained online. The agent can suggest the insurers that may be offering specialized pricing and coverage specifically tailored for motorcyclists in your area.

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance on a 3-Wheel Motorcycle?

The cost of insuring a three-wheeler motorcycle averages at $1,200 for full coverage per year, but liability-only coverage costs around $400 per year for Florida’s minimum motorcycle liability coverage. This includes $10,000 bodily injury coverage per person, $20,000 bodily injury coverage per accident, and $10,000 property damage liability insurance.