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What Type of Florida Life Insurance Does Not Require a Medical Exam?

What Type of Florida Life Insurance Does Not Require a Medical Exam?

Life insurance companies in Florida often require individuals to take medical exams to assess the risks they might incur by insuring them. This examination determines whether the individual is medically fit or has a terminal illness. Insurers are not obligated to provide coverage for high-risk individuals like tobacco users and people who engage in risky hobbies like skydiving, those who have a dangerous occupation, or those who have underlying health conditions. Hence, such individuals can opt for life insurance policies that do not require medical exams, such as:

  • Final expense: A medical exam is not required to be eligible for final expense, but you might be required to provide answers to questions about your health.
  • Group life insurance: This type of policy is mainly purchased by employers or organizations for their employees or members. Group life insurance in Florida does not require filling out a medical questionnaire or taking a medical exam. However, it may be required if the employees or members of the organizations want additional coverage.
  • Simplified issue life insurance: This type of insurance does not require a medical exam, but individuals might just have to provide answers to basic health questions.
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance: No medical exams or health questionnaire is required.

Additionally, in Florida, term life policies come with a convertibility feature that can allow you to exchange your policy for permanent life insurance without taking a medical exam. Also, no medical exam is required when you need to extend your term life insurance policy upon its expiration.

Use this life insurance policy comparison worksheet to assist with shopping for the best fitting policy and comparing life insurance quotes in Florida.

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